The Council

Our message today will concern forgiveness. Once again we are speaking of something that is not new to most of you. However, it is an important thing for you to consider at this time.

You may think that you have spent more than enough time on this in past meditations, past healing practices, past inner explorations. And for a great many of you, it is true that you have been very conscientious regarding the forgiveness of others. Some have even worked quite a bit on forgiving themselves. Some have understood the necessity of digging out their resentments toward the universe and even divinity itself for past situations. And these are all commendable. However, it is now time to revisit the whole concept.


Why is that? Well, it is because you have done so well. It is precisely because you have come so far now that there is now before you the opportunity to make a final push into the next level consciousness. And so now you are being presented with the rising into your dreams and meditations things with which you thought you were finished. “What is this?” you think. “I finished this years ago!”


Please do not be upset with yourselves over this. We could go into a long dissertation about the cyclical nature of time. We could do the ‘peeling the onion’ thing. And, yes, there are those who are still in much earlier stages of this sort of clearing and forgiveness. So, whatever method you know or can find for clearing these things, do that. If, however, you are one of those whom we described above, and you have devoted long years to clearing yourself, be aware that it is possible that only the smallest traces of these things may remain in your consciousness to be finally cleared. You may only need to look directly at what is presented to you, recognize it, and allow it to go on its way. Send it back to the light to be transformed. “I am not this. I do not engage with this. I am now done with these things.”


It is a wonderful thing that so many of you are now in a place that allows us to bring you such a message. The momentum you have achieved is nothing short of remarkable. You may think accurately of it as escape velocity. Please don’t imagine this to mean you are leaving you sweet planet. But you are certainly ready to leave the negativity behind. You are more than ready, we think, to spend much more of your time finding and celebrating the beauty around you. See it everywhere. See it even more in those places where it seems to be well hidden. Uncover it. Restore it. It is time to begin the task of recreating beauty in your world. As always, it will come from within. As always, no one can do it where you are better than you can. Be our hands. Be our feet. Feel our love, our presence, and our joy.



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