ronhead_thewisdomA dear reader has left this review of the book on Amazon. Thank you so much, Kristel.

“I have visited Ron Head’s blog for few years now. His messages from Michael are the ones I love the most – they are always very uplifting and I feel embraced when I read them. I have also used his services as a channel to get some clarity or often just seeking support which he always gives me. I’m sure Ron is on first name basis if you will with my own guide. When I read that he published a book with messages from Michael I knew I had to buy it.
Many messages were from before I started reading his blog so they were very new to me. Others I recognized.
Topics include but are not limited to Channeling, Ascenion, Change, Imagination, Light and Energy, Meditation and Worthiness.
Some of my very favorite quotes from Michael are “We would tell you that our love for you has increased, but that, loving you more, is something that may be impossible”.
“Present your I-am-a-child-of-Creator ticket and climb on board. In that moment the answer to your question “are we there yet” will change from No to Yes”.
“If the only prayer you ever uttered were “thank you” it would be enough”

This book also included a beautiful mediation that I hadn’t read before. It’s about creating your heart’s desire in your heart space. Placing your workbench there, with the tools and supplies. Use plenty of love from the biggest chest on the corner next to smaller box of Intentions. That mediation was so adorably written I will make it my daily practice. There are different meditations and intentions we can use to achieve what we want to achieve but this one seems to chime with my heart strings.

I understand not all messages are meant for us and what may fit me may not be right for you. But I do encourage you do give this book a try. See what you like, take that with you and leave the rest behind. I hope these messages wrap around your heart like they wrapped around mine.”