Now as we teach you, we support you each individually as you attend to our teachings. And some of you get angry that you are not being met where you think you should be. But we will promise you this: We will always meet you where you are. But in order for this to be so, you must accept where you are.

“Here I am tonight, in my own awareness of the life that I have lived. Here I am in awareness of the choices I have made. Here I am in awareness of the self that I know and the aspects of the self that I know that need to be transformed, or aligned anew to the truth of who I am.”

You must understand that we do not make you wrong. You are not doing penance for us. You are simply accepting where you stand, so you may accept the self as the one in offering. You cannot bring something to the altar that you deny is there. You cannot hide your pain and offer it to the Creator to be transformed. You cannot hide your bitterness and expect to see the world in love.

There are aspects of each of you that have been hidden in the closet, and on this night we wish to do this with you. We wish to open the door and allow it all to be. There is no one here who is unworthy. There is no shame that you could hide, there is no anger, there is no lust, there is no dis-ease, no willfulness, no fear that could make you unloved. The need to hide these things is the need to fear yourself, and in fearing yourself you fear the light that is the truth of who you are.

Paul Selig – The Choice of Freedom
A Channeled Livestream – May 6, 2015