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Dreams of New Earth

My great, great niece came to see me this morning. I was glad to see her. I’d been feeling sad and she always makes me feel good.

She sent me a telepathic message yesterday afternoon, suggesting the visit. I said shouldn’t she be in school? But she said oh, it would be fine.

And she’s right, of course. Schools aren’t like they used to be. They’re places where children explore and have fun, and choose the direction they want to go in. There’s real education going on at last. It’s not about exams, it’s not about getting jobs, and there are no forms to fill in. The children have a lovely time and so do the teachers, and it’s all very free and easy. So spending the morning with your great, great aunt really isn’t a problem.

So Tess teleported over at about nine thirty, and we went for a…

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