Dreams of New Earth

The children found Danny in the bush.

‘We heard him crying,’ said Tess.

‘But he was fifty kilometres away,’ protested Cleo.

‘Yes. And we heard him crying. So we went to see.’

This is typical of the children. They have no fear, they care about everyone, and will simply take whatever action they think is required. They can’t seem to get hold of the idea that some actions are not appropriate for children to take. They see a need and that’s it.

‘Darling, it upsets me when you put yourself in danger like this. Look at how upset Mummy is,’ said Cleo, inviting Tess to probe her telepathically. Tess did so, and tears came to her eyes.

‘I’m sorry, Mum,’ she said, ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. But I wasn’t in any danger, honestly. You got it wrong.’

This is typical, too. They are always telling us we’ve got…

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