Dreams of New Earth

An artist called Madeleine has come to live next door. I say next door –it’s actually three kilometres away. Like mine, her house is tucked into a bay in the hillside and surrounded by bush, but it’s much bigger than mine. It’s made of a new synthetic material which is light and strong, and can be pre-formed then slotted together on site. The roof has fibre-optics built into it so you can make it transparent, and flood the place with sunlight, or sleep under the moon and stars.

Its construction was a big event for the community, so there was a pretty good turnout for the three days the crew were here, some of us watching and others lending a hand. People brought home baking and portable replicators, and we shared picnic lunches and numerous cups of tea and coffee. Madeleine and the crew were staying at the guest house…

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