Dreams of New Earth

This is a story set in the Transition between the Old Earth and the New – the time we’re just about to move into.

Pat was the best cleaner Imogen had ever had, so she called her ‘My Treasure,’ imagining it to be a compliment. But Pat knew she was being patronised, and resented it. She didn’t say so, partly because Imogen wouldn’t have understood what she was talking about, and partly because once she started speaking her mind, she wouldn’t have been able to stop. And she needed the work.

Pat was an intelligent woman who had made a couple of poor decisions earlier in life, compounded by bad luck. As a result, she was struggling to pay a ruinous mortgage by doing three low-paid jobs, which left her no time for a social life and barely enough time to sleep.

Imogen was a rather stupid woman who assumed…

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