Dreams of New Earth

I used to hate camping – there was so much discomfort involved. I did quite a lot of it when I was young, until I realised I could say no. The weather was usually wet (this was the UK of course), the ground was lumpy, I was cold and uncomfortable, and I couldn’t sleep. So I really couldn’t understand the appeal.

Well, it’s all different now. So much so, that I’ve become a passionate bush walker, going for long treks deep into the wilderness. The thing is, you don’t need to carry much. All you need are the clothes you’re wearing, plus a small pack with portable versions of replicator, disposer, and energy box, and that’s more or less it! Anything you happen to need the replicator will produce, from food and drink to thermal underwear to a compass to a tent.

Obviously the delivery chute isn’t big enough to…

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