Take no notice of your age, your ‘qualifications’, or anything else other than your true heart’s desire. You may save nations, dear hearts, or you may have an effect upon a family, even an individual, during your time here. But what the effect of that may be upon the future of this world, you cannot begin to know.

How many kindnesses, words of wisdom, or gestures of compassion have, completely unknown to the ones who contributed them, turned people, nations, and history around in the past? Stories of these things have amazed you over and over again.

The point of the stories is that you might be the one to create that next miracle. But in order to do that, you must be ready. How are you to be ready, do you imagine? Just continue to be and become the very best you that it is possible for you to become. No one can ask more of you than that. None expect more of you than that. It is, after all, the reason you are here.


From the  book The Wisdom of Michael, available here in paperback and Kindle versions.

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