You are, at present, beginning to reconstruct your world into the type of place that the very biggest majority of you have longed and prayed for across the last several thousand years. You have asked for it, and it is time for it to happen. Your world is now a construction site, my friends. But we cannot build a safety fence around it to keep you from experiencing the turmoil. We cannot issue hardhats. You are living in the middle of the work area. What we can do is help to remember the truth about what is going on if you will only give some little credence to our words.

Everything that you now see, no matter how it appears on its surface, is being used to bring about the changes you desire and, in fact, are creating for yourselves. So if you must look at the more disturbing things, and we certainly think you should not bury your heads in the sand as you say, then we ask you to look for the possible ways in which they may contribute to the desirable outcome. Mostly, try to remain aware at these times of the changes in the world consciousness which they are bringing about. They have certainly made a great impact on your own, have they not?

In the meantime, continue to work on your own growth and to offer whatever love and comfort you can to others. Such love, we offer, IS the new world you long for.

From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle versions here.

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