At last. Sure have missed Hilarion during Marlene’s well earned rest.

Beloved Ones,

There has been a shift in the energies of the Earth and within you. You have stood on the threshold of two worlds, and have made your choice. You have recommitted to the growth and evolution of your soul and this has brought you to the greater frequencies that now enfold you. There is a new aspect of your total being that is now coming to the surface. Many of you are still in the throes of purification, the purification of the four lower bodies and will continue to experience the effects of this cleansing process. Some of you are sometimes shocked at the words and thoughts that come into your awareness…this is your ego mind trying to bring you back into its control through the attempted distraction of your renewed commitment to self. The good news is that you now recognize what is occurring and are able to counteract by changing those thoughts as they happen. You are truly becoming the alchemists, changing the lead of the lower dimensions of life experience into the purified gold of your Holy Christ Self.

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