Dreams of New Earth

This is a four-part story set in the Transition period between the Old and the New Earth – the time we’re just about to move into.

Rudi was an average sort of boy – or that’s how he saw himself, anyway. Average height, average weight, average intelligence. With only one distinguishing feature –the colour of his hair, which was orange.

He did have another distinguishing feature too, though he didn’t know it.

If someone dropped everything out of their bag, he’d help them pick it up. If the toilet was blocked, he’d tell the caretaker. If Mr Whitcliffe was getting agitated because he’d misunderstood what had just happened in the classroom (and it was easy to spot this, because his face would start to twitch), Rudi would put up his hand and explain it to him.

Rudi didn’t see himself as particularly good or kind or brave – it was just that if…

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