Dreams of New Earth

It was an exciting time to be alive. Six months ago, Rudi would have said the opposite, but now – Wow! Disclosure, the new financial system, the mass arrests, the pause in the wars, the Cabal Tribunals – it was all happening so fast you could hardly keep up with it.

The teachers were less enthusiastic.

What are we supposed to do now?’ wailed the Head of History. ‘How can we go on teaching the same old stuff, when we know it’s a load of rubbish and they know it’s a load of rubbish?’

We don’t have any choice,’ said the Head of Science. ‘If it’s on the curriculum, we have to teach it. At least it gives them something to do, keeps their brains active.’

But what motive do they have to learn?’ protested the Head of Religious Instruction. ‘Absolutely none. And it’s a…

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