Dreams of New Earth

It was first thing in the morning, and the staffroom was full. When Mr Whitcliffe walked in there was a sudden silence, followed by some hasty attempts to fill it. He noticed this, but had more important things on his mind.

Could I have your attention, please?’ he announced to the room at large, and a hush fell.

‘Yesterday I was summoned to see the Head about the Meditation Club.’

The teachers were aghast. To date, they had tried to keep from Mr Gladiolus anything that might disturb him or encourage him to make decisions, because he wasn’t any good at it. Most of the decisions he’d made so far had had to be reversed, at the cost of a great deal of trouble and paperwork – mostly for Mr Burke, but sometimes for them, too.

Which is why, for example, they had never allowed Mr Whitcliffe’s mental deterioration to…

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