Beloved Ones,

As you allow the greater integration of the cosmic energies to take place within your consciousness and within your physical, mental and emotional bodies, you are digging ever deeper into your psyche. This is a process that is occurring for everyone upon the planet at this time. Depending upon your understanding of all that is happening, you who are reading this discourse are those who are now positioned to be of greater service than ever before. The world needs you to be fully present and willing to use your powerful energies for the awakening of the inhabitants of your planet. As the prevailing energies of polar opposites balance within, you become a mighty powerhouse of a force for good. Your divine essence is descending into your etheric field and there is a deeper integration that is taking place. On the outer level, this activity may not be seen but it is certainly being felt, for it is in the experience of the energy and awareness that one comes into their mastery on the physical level. We say to you, do not be afraid to face the shadows within, rather face them squarely and accept these as an important part of your enlightened journey.

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