The time has now come for you to accept your own divine nature. It will now become increasingly important, as well as easier, for you to do this. Do not, however, confuse this with an increase in the less desirable traits of your ego natures. This is not to be reasoned with your intellects, but felt in your hearts, and when felt there, to be accepted by you, to be acknowledged.

It is no longer a time when playing small, when believing the incorrect concepts about your natures is in your best interests. Of course it never was, but your world now needs your abilities and your better selves as much as you do. Telling you this will quite likely awaken any remaining dread, fear, and doubt that still linger in your hearts. Look at them squarely, thank them for their service in keeping you from the fray in prior times, and send them home to be reborn as courage, confidence and belief in yourselves.

Do not rest until you have found the feeling of self-worth that will arise when you understand at last who you truly are. You really did ask to come here. You truly did desire to witness and participate in this unfolding. You truly are the very best choices for this time. You are.


From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle versions here.

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