Beloved Ones,

There are portents everywhere that are informing the people of the world that a great change is taking place upon their planet and that it is time for them to awaken to the knowledge that all are connected to each other. Those who have tried to separate humanity from each other and from their connection to the divine are now being faced with the realities of their decisions and choices. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hide the growing numbers of the world’s peoples who are seeking a peaceful existence. Until the root cause of this is addressed, it will only continue. Those who seek domination through acts of war will continue to be exposed to the effects of it and will have to deal with the problems they have created so that it is to the satisfaction of the world’s population. The sooner they realize that everyone on Earth deserves a life of peaceful co-existence, the sooner peace on Earth will come to pass. All their efforts to date are reflecting directly back to them the problems they have created through their decisions and actions. They must take responsibility and be held accountable for them.

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