Feel these words in your heart and cherish them. Feel, as well, the boundless love that we send you as you read this. Build in your hearts a special place to keep this feeling. Knowing that you will need to feel it many times, store it there for your future. We will keep it replenished with love and power, with the eternal support which is ours to give.

We do not urge you to do anything other than what your own personal heart feels that you need to do. Let that, which is guided by your own history and understanding, be your guide. You are each as unique as the grains of sand. That is as it should be, and it is what is needed. Just be yourselves, but begin now to be the very best selves that you can imagine. And know, as we do, that you are never, never alone in the process.


It is possible to be humble and proud at the same time. Be proud of who you are and humble in your manner. Your time is now.



From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle versions here.

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