Dreams of New Earth

This is a four-part story set in the Transition period between the Old and the New Earth – the time we’re just about to move into.

Viewed from outside, and at a distance, the marriage of Conrad and Claire seemed to be made in Heaven. Or Hollywood, at least. He was a handsome, high-earning, brainy and benevolent man, and she was a lovely, sweet-natured, cheerful and creative home-maker. So far, so good.

But on the inside, things looked a bit different, as they generally do.

Claire had a lifestyle that most women would envy, but she felt a disparity in power between herself and Conrad – not that he meant to exert power over her, but that nevertheless he had the upper hand.

And he had a strange quirk of behaviour which mortified her, and which only emerged in the company of women: he would home in on the subject…

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