Dreams of New Earth

The next time Marion and Claire met, Marion wasted no time in speaking her mind about Conrad.

‘I’m sorry, Claire, but let’s face it, your husband is a Cabal stooge. You say he’s a nice man, but how can he be? He’s intelligent enough to understand who he’s working for and what they’re really doing. So he’s in on it. He has to be!’

‘I don’t think that’s necessarily true, Marion,’ said Claire. ‘Not everyone is privy to all the facts, you know. The Cabal compartmentalises the people who work for them, so they only know about the bit they’re working on themselves, and don’t know how it fits together with everything else.’

‘In some areas that may be true. But not in the law. A lawyer has to research the facts. He’s bound to know.’

‘But a lawyer also has to be loyal to his clients,’ Claire pointed out…

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