Understand that, from the moment you sign on to accomplish certain things for yourself and others, every available resource begins to create the conditions for your success. The skids, as you call them, have been greased. “How do I know what I need to do?” is the question we hear constantly. And the answer is, “Make a move, even if it is just mental.” Examine all of the options you can think of, even the ones which seem impossible. Often enough, what seems impossible is only what you have not examined closely enough or that which, for some reason, you fear. Find out which seems to you to most feel right. What fills your heart with joy? What makes you eager to start? Do not assign it to the impossible pile just yet.

Remember, the skids of the path you designed are greased. Now! Take a step, any step. The flow we are speaking about is the flow of life. You are in it with your canoe and paddle. When you take that first step, you will notice your canoe’s reaction to the flow. If you are moving with your flow, your canoe will shoot forward and the apparent obstacles will fly past. If, however, you move in less than the optimal direction, it will seem as if you are trying to paddle upstream and your paddle has become a teaspoon. If you choose to sit in the stream and not do something… well, we think the picture is now clear enough, is it not?


From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle versions  here.

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