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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s July 2, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Energies introduced the past few days help you reduce your ego, need to be right, to control, to fear. Resulting in a more loving, peaceful, accepting you. This personal shift will likely continue through your month of July.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for ”Do Observers Make You Feel Guilty?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

For eons, you created yourself to fit your 3D world. Now you are starting to create a new self-image with new capabilities. Such seems exciting – something you have long dreamed of. Recreating yourself any way you choose within the same physical earth being.

Creating a new you goes far beyond clearing fears and anger. It…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

The question of “where do I begin” will always be answered with, “at the beginning,

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Love is breaking out. Peace and freedom will surely follow. For those who continue to insist that nothing is happening, we have this response. You are wrong. Sorry, but you are wrong. The inner changes of millions of people are indeed happening now. Read the rest of this entry »

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

A reminder; never be afraid to be amazing!  Even the small moments that you think are nothing are something to someone.  Reach out, expand your awareness,

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Every human has the potential to be great. By just breathing, you have accomplished 99%,

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Originally posted on Dreams of New Earth:

I don’t think about my health any more. You don’t, when it’s perfect. My body does everything I want it to do, never gives any problems, has boundless energy, looks great – so health just isn’t an issue.

I don’t want to make out that I don’t appreciate what I’ve got – I think we all do. Because we enjoy our physical existence so much now. We can walk for miles or run for miles and jump and climb and swim and turn cartwheels; we can dance all night, or make love all night if we want to. Our bodies are a sheer delight. And through them we relish all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings of our beautiful world.

When the Change came, most of us were not in particularly good shape, were we? Which was hardly surprising, given the way our bodies had been treated over the…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Loving YOURSELF is always the first step…………even with all of your flaws and thorns, there is something very lovable and very attainable in doing so.

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

How many times have you used these statements;

I am damaged.

I am broken.

I am worthless.

I am useless.

Rest assured, The Universe has never created any of these things!  You are, as you have always been, perfect in your imperfections. 

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Oracles and Healers:

A beautiful post and a great concept and practice!

Originally posted on Dreams of New Earth:

My great, great niece came to see me this morning. I was glad to see her. I’d been feeling sad and she always makes me feel good.

She sent me a telepathic message yesterday afternoon, suggesting the visit. I said shouldn’t she be in school? But she said oh, it would be fine.

And she’s right, of course. Schools aren’t like they used to be. They’re places where children explore and have fun, and choose the direction they want to go in. There’s real education going on at last. It’s not about exams, it’s not about getting jobs, and there are no forms to fill in. The children have a lovely time and so do the teachers, and it’s all very free and easy. So spending the morning with your great, great aunt really isn’t a problem.

So Tess teleported over at about nine thirty, and we went for a…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

In your moments of fear, your soul is expanding and growing. Give yourself time to sit with

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councilThe Council

This is the time of the avalanche, the waterfall, the immensely heightened frequency that we have spoken of so often before. It will continue to increase, but you already are into rates of change that you are struggling to deal with. This is as it was forecast, and it is necessary. You will make it. Set your minds at ease in that regard. It is being closely monitored and gauged individually. If you are indeed in overwhelm, it is time to stop and breathe. And you may ask for our help. You know this. Read the rest of this entry »

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

When you are presented with a challenging situation, look at all angles. Chances are, your

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Originally posted on Jesus through John:

Jesus Audio Blog for TuesdayJune 30th
Today is a new day. Of course every day is a new day, but people often forget that as they plod through their daily chores earning their living. But enormous changes can occur in one day, or in an instant. You are free to make choices in every moment, and you do, but they are very often the same choices that you have been making for years, in almost complete unawareness. Become aware of your choices, each and every one of them, and then decide if you would like to maintain them or change them – from which shoe you put on first in the morning to whether you really want another cup of coffee or tea, to whether you want to change jobs, careers, or relationships. So many of your choices have become automatic, and yet your choices determine how adequately or inadequately…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

There is nothing ‘ordinary’ about you. You are unique, one of a kind and completely loved just the way you are.

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