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SpiritualSampler-June 7

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Be not afraid to speak of your wrongs and rights, your weaknesses and strengths.

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Hi Everyone,

My Client Maria has kindly giver her permission to share her name and QHHT session story with you. The hypnosis session started out by her singing in an ancient  indian language of the first past life she visited! She mentioned that it could have been Mayan or Aztec. After she sang she was able to translate the meaning of the song. In this case, it was giving thanks for a successful harvest. She sang again, at the end of the life after she had crossed over to the spirit side. This time the song was longer and more pronounced. She told me it was a song she would sing to her daughter in the past life. It’s a moment like THAT that demonstrates how we carry more knowledge with us than we can imagine. You can listen here:   

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Very quietly, peacefully and gently the raging inside will subside……..then one day

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Originally posted on Jesus through John:

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday May 21st

As the divine plan for humanity’s awakening moves steadily forwards, those so successfully holding the Light on Earth to assist in this great venture are highly honored by all in the spiritual realms. Without you the plan would come to nothing! However, it is God’s plan, and so perfect success is, of course, absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, your willing and enthusiastic involvement is an essential aspect of His plan.

At times most of you experience doubt, lack of motivation, even a sense that you are doing nothing of value as you carry on with “normal” life in the illusion. Those feelings and sensations are just another aspect of your illusory environment whose only purpose is to confuse you, and undermine your confidence that you have a divine purpose on Earth at this time. Do not be misled by those depressing moods and doubts; when…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Your love is by far the greatest gift you can give another. It need not matter whether they choose

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Admitting frailty is a light being’s way of showing their humanity. Just like any other

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

My love, it is time to release the need to hide……from yourself, from others, from uncomfortable situations, people and things.

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cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s May 15, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Rejoice, relax, re-commit to you are the key points the next few days. Perhaps you participated with one or more segments recently – most likely 3D segments – and discovered you no longer wish to live in fear. Maybe your excursion as CEO/president of your totality was more interesting or pleasant. You’re discovering you’re the pinnacle of the umbrella under which are all your segments. You’re learning to function as you once imagined your higher self functioning. Remembering that all segments of your totality are fully capable  – as are you. Rejoice, relax, re-commit to your new CEO/president role.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for ”You’ve Grasped the Brass Ring of You”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog”…

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Originally posted on My Aspie Files - My Life on the Spectrum:


It’s that time of year. Plants are all on sale. Canadian Tire was holding their sale yesterday and it was quite exciting. 50% Off everything. I showed up with hope and left with some treasures. A huge geranium – in perfect condition – and a full flat of gorgeous purple flowers ( perennials no less ) for $10,42. A HUGE steal… Especially since my yard is being revived with new black dirt and mulch having been neglected for years. Life had taken over and having a backyard oasis was not on the priority list ….. Until this year … And the result is beautiful …

But the true treasures of this shopping trip are not the gorgeous plants which I found for little money. It is about the story about the woman who was waiting in line in front of me to pay for her purchases. She was there with…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

You have not been abandoned. Those that have chosen to move away and out of your Earth plane existence are making way for new, better things to arrive.

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Originally posted on Anne Danielle Gingras - Intuitive Reader:

Growing up, I met a most peculiar woman. She was at the time 85 years old and the great-grandmother of a childhood friend. In fact, she was my dad’s best friend grandmother [ are you following this ]. Granny Gow lived at the end of our street, by the river, in an old ragged green house. She had never had any money and survived on very little. I didn’t know much about her except that she had a piano which could be “switched” into a harpsichord , that she made the most awesome cookies and that she had the most beautiful plants. So, a few times a year, when my friend Kyla would visit, we would end up at Granny’s house and enjoy sandwiches and snacks and conversation.

As Life would have it, Granny kept growing old and eventually had to be placed in the hospital. [ which she escaped…

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Originally posted on Johnsmallman's Blog:

Saul audio Blog for Sunday May 17th

Here in the spiritual realms we are well aware of your increasing impatience as it seems to you that the spiritual evolution of humanity is proceeding far too slowly, or may even be backsliding.  The mainstream media continues to avoid reporting on the true issues that concern humanity, and focuses instead on items that serve to increase the energies of fear and anxiety in the general population, energies on which those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart feed voraciously.

However, all is not as it seems, those negative energies are weakening daily, and those who feed on them are starving.  The Tsunami of Love is all pervasive, it is infiltrating every area of human activity on every continent, and as a direct result change is occurring very rapidly indeed.  Love is the only Reality, anything not in alignment with It…

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Originally posted on Anne Danielle Gingras - Intuitive Reader:

Let all those who aspire to greatness

remember this:

Whether or not we realize it, we are all on a mission …

Now whether this goal bears fruit is up to each one to decide…

in his or her own way .seeing

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Originally posted on Anne Danielle Gingras - Intuitive Reader:

Give a Poet pen and paper 


He too will show you eternity….

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