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universe1You were designed to resonate musically with The Universe. It was with you before you came and is there to remind you of your origins. Take your quiet time, find it within yourself and sing with Me! ~ Creator




baby walksThere is an interesting truth to your new reality; there will be some people along the way that will try to hinder your growth. They may do and say things to try to keep you where you are, to change your mind or use their light to acquire what they want in an ego-based way at your expense. Pay them no mind….you are on your right path, your own upward movement, your own blessed journey. ~ Creator

hideMy love, it is time to release the need to hide……from yourself, from others, from uncomfortable situations, people and things.  Only when you face them head on, will YOU be able to step into who you are. ~ Creator





universe1An interesting thing happens when you pin all your hopes on someone or something outside yourself; in one instant, you have given all of your power to that one person/thing in the hopes that it will create something you desire.  The Universe invites you to look within; give yourself the things you most desire because no one knows YOU quite like you do.  Once you are in that perfect space, completely in tune with The Divine Spark that exists within, nothing is out of your reach. ~ Creator

mirrorIf you treat yourself as a walking open wound, others will treat you the same.  If you treat yourself as a whole person, others will treat you the same.  How you see yourself is ultimately what the world reflects back to you. ~ Creator


You were not made to fit into a mold, a bracket in society, a certain status. You were created to be free-flowing beings, each unique but similar enough to recognize yourselves in others. If you release the expectation of ‘fitting in’, a glorious thing will happen………you will become you! ~ Creator

choiceEach moment of “I want” you release to The Universe allows an “I have” to be created.  If you choose to want, The Universe will give you want.  If you choose I have, The Universe will give this to you.  It always has, and always will be, your choice.  Step into the conscious realization that you always create your world and nothing, not even I, can stop that.  This is YOUR free will at work. ~ Creator

coupleIf you approach your ‘attachments’ with the thought of finding your other half, neither of you will ever be complete. The Universe intended two wholes to make a whole. In knowing and loving yourself fully, you are then able to experience another in the same way. ~ Creator

child smelling flower

Naiveté and innocence are qualities to be admired, not admonished. When you can continue to view your Earth-plane existence through the eyes of a child, great things can be accomplished. ~ Creator (via

aloneOthers may be inclined to carry preconceived notions, judge or hurt you because they have been subjected to the same behavior.  Take some time, get over the ‘shock value’ of it all and see it for what is really is; someone attempting to relieve their own pain.  This does not make them any less loveable….if anything; they need your love more than ever. ~ Creator

friendsEvery single person you come in contact with on a daily basis deserves respect.  It is not up to you to judge where they came from, what they have done in the past, who they are, what they are wearing/thinking or where they are going.  They are human and, therefore, should be treated equally.  If, for some reason they choose to show you otherwise, then the perception can be altered as your free will dictates.  The Universe does no less for you! ~ Creator

In this moment, you are perfect!  And, in the next, you will be as well.  Each moment that is given by The Universe is a perfect gift to a perfect human in a perfect way.  The only thing that keeps your from this realization is……!  Embrace this thought and know it is Divine Truth. ~ Creator

When your Mother was ready to bring you into the world, she wasn’t worried. Sure, she was a little bit scared, but there was also anticipation, joy and excitement about your arrival. She was so READY for it. She may have experienced issues but knew, in the end, you would be alright. Read the rest of this entry »

What is your bottom line? You can continue to stand and stare at the blocks in your way or you can opt to move them; over, under, around or through. It does not make a difference how, just that you do it. ~ Creator

If you have to ask others if you are doing something ‘right’ then you probably are not. The inner guidance system you came to your Earth-plane existence with is fully operational; it is the doubt you took on while you have been here that is the issue. Release the doubt, listen to your heart and you will always be shown the ‘right’ way. ~ Creator

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