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light warrior

Michael with and for the councils:

We would speak with you today about a topic which we have not addressed in this space previously.  We are very hopeful that many of you will be helped by what we share with you


We know that there are still quite a large number of those who consider themselves to be lightworkers and star seeds who think of themselves as being alone, cut off, separated from any contact with like minds for conversation and companionship.  Let us address this topic in a way that may help you to change this perception and remedy the situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today we will speak of the notion of the fleeting passage of time.  Time is a construct that you have invented in order to experience changes as if they are not in existence at their inception.  Your concept of linear time has been very useful in allowing you to learn, and in protecting you from the consequences of instant manifestation.  It has allowed you to make changes to the things you have created unconsciously.

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