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Leaving early next week and traveling this route. Returning along the same route after Sunday, April 26th. I will be doing Dolores Cannon’s QHHT regression sessions along the way. If you live along this route, or near this route, I will be happy to add you to the schedule. See for more info on QHHT and to contact me for more information.


As many of you know, I practice Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I have recently completed her Level II class and am about to visit four of my dear friends in the Northwest. I will spend several days with Annette Despain, Rick and Alexis Winsor, Gretchen Gusky, and Jennifer Farley. My itinerary is outlined below.

These sessions are an excellent way to connect with your higher self and to hear it give you guidance in your own voice. The past life experiences you see may be amazing, but usually they pale when compared to what one learns about their life and the healings that can occur.

During the months of July and August I will be visiting Jackson, Wyoming (Jul 16-21); Sun River, Oregon (Jul 24-27); and Ocean Shores (Jul 29-Aug 3) and Burlington, Washington (Aug 5-10).  The dates are projected as closely as possible.  Sun River is close to Bend, Ocean Shores is on the coast west of Olympia, and Burlington is just north of Seattle.

I will be stopping first in Jackson and I have QHHT sessions scheduled there already. There is one date still open if you are interested in having a session and you can make it to Jackson.  The 2nd of August is still open for Ocean Shores, also.  There are also dates open for sessions in each of the other locations.  If you live anywhere along the route and you would like to have a session, contact me and we will see if we can make it happen.  You can reach me at or through the Contact page on my web link in the next paragraph.

For more information on QHHT, Dolores Cannon’s hypnotic regression therapy, see my post above titled Why Would QHHT Be For You and my website HERE. Dolores Cannon’s website is HERE.


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