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SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSession 22 – Love and Forgiveness

The new session on Speaking with Self is now ready for download. The questions asked were:

1. Who is benefitting the most when forgiveness is offered?

2. How can I forgive when the actions done to me have only brought me pain?

3. Explain to me why love and forgiveness are so closely tied.

You can access these recordings HERE.

Suzanne Spooner’s Infinity Healers site is HERE.

and Dolores Cannon’s site is HERE.

We hope you enjoy these.


During the months of July and August I will be visiting Jackson, Wyoming (Jul 16-20); Sun River, Oregon (Jul 23-27); and Ocean Shores (Jul 29-Aug 3) and Burlington, Washington (Aug 5-10).  The dates are projected as closely as possible.  Sun River is close to Bend, Ocean Shores is on the coast west of Olympia, and Burlington is just north of Seattle. Read the rest of this entry »

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSession 20 – Easing Our Experience Through The Shift

As always, Suzanne brought a channeled topic and related questions which I knew nothing about to our session.  And as usual, higher consciousness came through and discussed the subject.  The questions are posed and answered on separate recordings and are: Read the rest of this entry »


The latest QHHT session, Finding Your Purpose, is now live on the Speaking with Self  website.  The questions asked during the session are:

1 – What is the purpose of a soul’s incarnation?

2 – Why is one’s purpose so important?

3 – Give me examples of how I am or am not on task with my purpose.

4 – How does it effect others when I am fulfilling my purpose?

5 – How do we know we are doing or accomplishing our purpose? (from a listener)

The link to the recordings is HERE.

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSession 15 on our Speaking with Self site is now online.

The topic of this session is ‘Connecting with your other you’s so that you can learn from and assist each other’.

There is a short free introduction. Then the separate recordings are:

1)  I would like examples of how I have connected with other me’s so that I can be aware going forward to perceive this connection.

2)  Might you show me how to consciously connect with the other aspects of me? (This includes a discussion of communicating with the cells in our bodies.)

3)  Give me an example of my other aspects being aware of this aspect known as Suzanne.

4) A question from Suzanne. (A discussion of how to connect to a past life.)

You can go to this session by clicking HERE.

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoHere is what Suzanne writes:

On Wednesday I sat to TAUK through the topic and questions of this week’s session with Ron Head. The topic this week was One Love.  As the questions come through I start to giggle wondering HOW that God guy is going to answer THAT question! I am never disappointed and always blown away with the wisdom, expansion and humor that comes through. All this while Ron rests comfortably in a deep hypnotic state. Here are this weeks downloads, now made into MP3 for easier access.

LINK:  Session 7

one loveToday we had another QHHT session and there are five recordings which will be posted in the next couple of days. The topic of the session is One Love. The questions were: Read the rest of this entry »

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSuzanne Spooner and I have just activated our new web site, “Speaking with Self”.  Suzanne is a practitioner of QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, which was founded by Dolores Cannon.  Since our first session in Florida in April, which you may have already read on this site, I have moved to Des Moines, Iowa so that we could continue the work.

At first we intended to use the transcripts from the sessions to produce a book.  However, it became apparent that, with the amount of information we were receiving which could be useful now, saving it until a book could be published would not be the best thing for us to do.  So we have begun breaking the sessions up into individual questions and are offering the recordings themselves for all who wish to listen.

Clicking this link will take you to the new site.  Speaking with Self.  We hope you enjoy the recordings and that they help you on your journey.


Suzanne: Do you mind if I close the windows real quick? (Leaf blowers outside)

Creator: Please.

Suzanne: OK, thank you very much. So so so sorry for that.

Creator: Oh, take your time. I have all the time in the world. (giggles!)

Suzanne: That has never been a truer statement spoken by anybody. That’s actually kind of funny.

Creator: I invented humor. You said that yourself.

Suzanne: I did! I love that. Thank… can I just take a personal moment of gratitude and thank you so much for the gift of TAUK?

Creator: We are grateful to you, dear one. Read the rest of this entry »


Section One

Note from Ron:  Last week, after waiting months for the opportunity, I finally had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Suzanne Spooner.  After we reviewed the recordings and discussed it, we have decided that there might very well be material that will be of value to others in what we recorded.  I find that this is not an easy thing, publishing to the world what you have dredged up from your subconscious, but Suzanne has smoothed the way for me as well as let me keep personal things to myself, for which I cannot thank her enough.  I offer this to anyone interested, for what you may glean from it.  So!  Here we go.

Note from Suzanne Spooner: Several months ago my dear friend and fellow TAUKer had mentioned he would like to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with me. Our only issue was the distance separating us. Ron lives in Florida, I live in Iowa and QHHT sessions must be done in person. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St. Pete’s for vacation in April and would he consider the drive up from Miami for a session? He said yes and everything fell in line. We made plans for him to stay with us overnight in our rental home as his drive was substantial and his session would run about 4-5 hours. Mr. Head arrived, we sat down to dinner and conversation and talked a little about his upcoming session.

As we sat down the next morning, I believe Ron mentioned that it felt like something big was going to happen! The room was already feeling electric with energy and I agreed with him. I didn’t want to lead him in expectations but thought that his channeling buddy, Archangel Michael might pop through for a chat during the time of the session where Ron’s High Self came through to answer the list of questions Ron had prepared. I had Archangel Gabriel come through at a session with a different client and The Council of Twelve came through at my own session once, so guest appearances weren’t uncommon. I advise my clients, prior to a QHHT session to leave their slate clean of all expectations as ANYTHING can happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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