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Now… your heart. This is the place where dwells the you that we communicate with. When your heart is open for business, you are well upon this proverbial path that you love so much to speak of. And the feelings that will begin being felt very, very strongly by you when you have your attention in this place, this heart, Read the rest of this entry »


Please do not disrespect yourselves nor sell yourselves short any more. You have a penchant for doing that, you know. You find it easy to read of, and even say that, you are the strongest and the best. But in your hearts, too many of you feel that we must be referring to others. No, my family of earthbound angels, we are referring to you, the one who is reading or hearing this. So, when you enter into your prayers or meditations, endeavor to find and feel the truth of that being, that you, of which we speak in this moment. Read the rest of this entry »


You have all been told, for as long as you can remember, that you think with your brain. Actually you do not. Your brain is a marvelous instrument, but it is only an instrument. You are more than a little likely, as you are one who reads these messages, to understand that you are not a package of meat and bones with a life, a mind, and a soul, Read the rest of this entry »

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