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Mike QuinseyThe vibrations and influences of the last cycle are destined to die away, as they are replaced by the more refined ones of the New Age. There is something of a battle taking place for supremacy between the dark and Light, but there is no contest inasmuch that the Light is destined to reign supreme. The dark are steadily losing power and no matter how much they try, they cannot overcome their demise. However, they are to be reckoned with until their power is removed. They cannot last much longer and are already losing their influence where worldly matters are concerned. It is their karma to experience defeat and the failure of their plan for global dominance. In their gross arrogance did they really imagine that God would allow them to decimate the population. They planned to reduce it dramatically to a “manageable” number that they could easily control. So have no fear, as that plan would never be allowed to interfere with the evolution of those of the Light.

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My PreciousSisters and Brothers,

This truly is a Grand Moment. We recreate the World together. As we shift thistiny planet, we shift the Universes. We bless and thank All who hold the lightof love and peace.

We also bless those who have brought us challenge as they know not the Service theyhave done for the Cosmos. They have stretched, defined, purified, enrapturedand invigorated all of us. And their selves.

You know the strenuous battle you have undergone due to your fears of self-judgment,the dark moments of the soul. Think now of what they face. They cannot avoidthis cleansing as All return to their Creator. In 3D time it will be adifficult Journey. Read the rest of this entry »

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