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We will address at this time the more widespread experiencing of what you would term ascension symptoms.

Now, it appears to some as if any ache or pain that you have, if you call yourself a lightworker, can be called an ascension symptom. That is almost true, but true in the sense that a headache can be indicative of quite a wide variety of ailments. Read the rest of this entry »

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We will speak this morning on the subject of channeling.  We see many being drawn to attempt to learn this art.  This is a wonderful thing, and it is an urge to connect with spirit and with things with which they are familiar from some lifetime.  Many are receiving results however which they have not expected.  We will give several of the reasons why this may be so, and give a suggestion of how to avoid this in the future.  First, however, let us say that in no way are we saying that any experience should create guilt or self-condemnation.  You very likely are releasing things from lifetimes with which you are not even familiar.  The method we shall give you, and which you have likely already been given but do not give enough attention to, will easily resolve all of these problems. Read the rest of this entry »


Now we will look at the many forms of darkness and deception that exist on your third dimensional planet.  They all have their origin and maintain their existence due to the same basic misunderstanding, or better-said, the same untruth.  That being that there is an existence apart from the Creator-of-all-things. Read the rest of this entry »

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