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councilThe Council

You have made your plans. You have reservations. You have tickets. You have your route all laid out. You have your agenda written. And suddenly something happens that makes it apparent that things are not going to go exactly as you expected. How do you react to that? Read the rest of this entry »

councilThe Council

The most common, no, the universal question asked of us, and of guides on both sides of the veil is, “Am I on the right path?” The second is, “What should I be doing?” May we spend a bit of time with you today and clear that up? Read the rest of this entry »

councilThe Council

We would discuss with you now the recent lifetime of one who has come home to us. Rather, we would discuss what he was able to bring to your attention, and offer a different perspective than what is generally perceived. We are referring to the master known to you as Masaru Emoto.

This one worked with water, and you usually think of him as showing you that water has consciousness and that it will take on and exhibit for you various forms showing the beauty or lack of same in your thoughts and words. And yes, he did do that. But there was far more importance in his message than that. Read the rest of this entry »

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