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The Council

More than a few of you have commented upon the seeming difference in the tone, the vibration, of the channelings that are coming through to you now, as opposed to those of just weeks ago. We would spend this one message in commenting upon that, if you will allow us. It will be a rather short post as the explanation is quite simple. But we want to make it clear enough for you to accept it in its entirety, since that acceptance alone will raise you to quite another level of self-understanding. Read the rest of this entry »



Let us discuss with you today the ways in which you interpret the channeled messages which you are given.  We of course know that these will be received in the manner that they are.  But it will be helpful, perhaps, for you to see the things which we see. Read the rest of this entry »


Michael and company

You are in it now.  The great portal of which we have previously spoken through this and many other channels is upon you.  For several more of your days this will be the case. Read the rest of this entry »


Photo by Christine Schweinzer




May we begin today by asking that all those who follow these messages hold only love and the intention for the highest and best outcomes when you observe what is going on around you at this time.  Those highest outcomes will be, dear ones.  But they will manifest sooner, and you will be far less effected by any negativity if you guard yourselves against the thoughts and emotions which can invade your thoughts all too easily in these circumstances. Read the rest of this entry »

divine energy



I have the privilege and honor of introducing to our conversations the presence of this beloved family: Yeshua ben Joseph, Miriam, known to you as the mother, and the Miriam known to you as the Magdalene. Read the rest of this entry »




On this day we would speak further on the subject of discernment.  This is a matter which is of great importance at this time.  It has always been important, of course, but at this juncture, when so much of your future rides upon your state of being, your evolution in consciousness, it is more important than ever. Read the rest of this entry »


We would begin this message by returning to a topic which we mentioned a few days ago.  The topic of flow has been given to you, our channel, both in session and in your own life, repeatedly over the last week and more.  It is time now for you to expand upon the topic further than you have done in these messages.  We know that we began once before and allowed the message to end before this picture was completed, but as you must realize by now, we try to keep these to short and easily digested portions. Read the rest of this entry »




As you can see, things are beginning to break loose now.  They will continue to pick up steam and, as we have told you for quite some time, will become quick enough to have you in a state of disbelief. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanish        Portuguese

A cheerful good morning to all those who continue to seek out our message.  There is much doubt and fear being injected into the proceedings by those who warn of interference by technological means.  We tell you once again not to follow that which does not feel right in your heart’s response to it.  If that is our own messages, then so be it.  Nothing is more important than your peace and the raising of your spiritual energy.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Today you continue on in the rising frequencies of which we have been speaking, with the addition of having just moved into those of the new moon.  We know that you are able to recognize these sensations now and that you are becoming able to connect with them at will.  It is not that you are connecting with the energies at these times, but that you are learning that they are always there in the background of your new senses.  This is much like the sounds you are hearing in your ears.  They were always there.  You have become able to perceive them and are learning to hear them whenever you turn your attention to them. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanish      Portuguese

Today please allow us to address some issues that may be causing confusion or concern for some.  Within the last few days you may have seen our name attached to some very differing messages.  You will please note that, and we do acknowledge these, you will not see any conflict between these sources.  We use as many channels as it takes to reach the widest possible audience and cover the greatest areas of concern.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Let us speak about your ability to know truth when you hear it.  At the present time this is a valuable ability indeed.  Vast amounts of information are placed before you daily.  How can you know what is true and what is intended to mislead you? Read the rest of this entry »

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This morning it is important that we discuss love as a powerful energy.  The power of love is the power of spirit.  Let us first divide power into two types.  For our purposes, we shall make a division between physical power and spiritual power. Read the rest of this entry »


Our topic tonight is truth.  Many of you have written volumes expounding upon the nature of truth.  Truth is actually very simple.  Truth is what is, as opposed to what is not.  The problem is not in defining it.  The problem lies in perceiving it.  When you are lied to, when the most important facts are kept from you, when you do not allow yourself to see clearly, truth is almost impossible to know. Read the rest of this entry »

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