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possibilityThe idea of letting go of the certainties of the regular world and free-falling into what can be is frightening because you do not know exactly what awaits you.  But, my love, it can be done! Read the rest of this entry »

releasingYou can live in the endless loop of your own story or you can say, “I freely release this and allow myself to draw whatever wonderful things The Universe has to offer”. Read the rest of this entry »

parent and childYou have seen it many times; a parent attempting to direct their young child away from something that has captured their attention. In one instance, the parent imposes their will and the child is taken from the object of his/her brief affection kicking and screaming until something else equally fascinating appears. In the second instance; they talk gently to the child, offering choices and waiting patiently while the child processes the information. Read the rest of this entry »

reflection2One of the more painful realities you may be faced with; you create absolutely everything in your existence.  Even as your soul cries out, “I didn’t create THIS, I don’t want this!”, you have given it the power to persist. Read the rest of this entry »

light4You have chosen to exist in this particular time because of your skills and ability to change your environment and consciousness level. The world needed you, sent out the call and you responded by choosing to be born now. Read the rest of this entry »

wakingYou are the dreamer, awakened early from your gentle slumber, opening your eyes to a new day. The endless possibilities surround you; infinite choices, infinite directions to travel. There is no need to choose just one, my love. If the one you have chosen is not for you, return to the beginning and start again. Learn experience and grow in joy. ~ Creator
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hideThere will always be something to be afraid of, something to hide from, something to shy away from, and something that will hurt or maim you and/or your most cherished ones…………..IF you believe it will. Live in faith, live in love and trust The Universe and all will be well. ~ Creator
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streamWhen you are wrapped up in a moment of your reality, things can seem very far away, unattainable and out of reach. Breathe into the moment and let it pass. Earth-existence is a very transitory space and will change in an instant if you only let it. ~ Creator Read the rest of this entry »



Your earth plane existance has never been about My will, My choice or My decision. It always has been and always will be about what YOU choose. Any path, any direction travelled and any decision made is blessed, celebrated and joyously assisted by The Universe. ~ Creator Read the rest of this entry »


The pressures you are putting on your authorities, leaves them in no doubt you are not going to sit back and allow the old ways to continue. You are calling for change that will put you on course for the introduction of New Age benefits that have been held back. Read the rest of this entry »

devotionThe only thing required of you is to love, love, love and keeping loving. If roadblocks or stop signs appear in your path during any given situation, The Universe is asking you to slow down and love some more. Your world is not perfect and, quite frankly, it would not be much fun if it was. Enjoy every bump in the road and love…… is truly the only thing that comes with you when you go. ~ Creator

here I amOthers may tell you what they feel you should be, you may tell yourself what you feel you should be. The word ‘should’ is the sticking point. Be who you are…….there is nothing better than you. ~ Creator



flowing streamYour strength comes not from what you can take from others, the advantage you may gain over them or the number of favors held in your ‘personal bank’ waiting for claim. Your strength comes from your ability to forgive and to love others as well as yourself. ~ Creator



spiral galaxiesLet your being rotate out from your center in ever broadening circles. In this process, your cyclical pattern will overlap others in their own growing experiences. You may choose to exist with the mingled energies for a while or move on beyond them. Touch gently; leaving only love behind because it is only with respect and honor you can continue your path. ~ Creator


universe1You were designed to resonate musically with The Universe. It was with you before you came and is there to remind you of your origins. Take your quiet time, find it within yourself and sing with Me! ~ Creator




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