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We would speak at this time of the changes which are occurring to your earthly home and which are largely being ignored by your media and by your governments. Read the rest of this entry »

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Our message for today concerns the community of lightworkers and the energies of inclusion.  All over the planet now groups of lightworkers are starting to come together and grow in small communities and large.  This has always been in the nature of humans.  It has been discouraged for thousands of years except where the group was formed to carry out the controllers’ agendas.

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Now it is time for us to speak to you about military matters.  You will see almost all of your star brothers and sisters wearing a uniform of some sort.  During your long history of conflict, you have learned that to mean conquest.  In more peaceful societies, it means service. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing.  My friend Isabel received this at the same time I was receiving the message below it, hers from Raphael, mine from Michael.


Everything is unfolding as it should be – Raphael channeled by Isabel Henn April 12, 2012 | Isas Lechfeld Tales II.

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Our message today is on the topic of your ability to mitigate the effects of what you call earth changes.  The occurrence yesterday of several large earthquakes brought about no massive loss of life nor damage to buildings, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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