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We will begin this morning by pointing out a change which has occurred in all the reliable channelings at this time, something that has changed from possibility to probability, something for which you may take a great deal of the credit.

Up until now we have told you over and over to visualize and focus upon smooth and peaceful transitions from the old to the new.  There was, and there continues to be, a great amount of negative energy emitted into your surroundings by those who intend to keep you in thrall and those who know no better than to believe them.

When we look upon the light quotient of your planet now, it is increasingly probable, due to your concerted and combined efforts, that the changes that must occur now, although precipitous and monumental, will be accomplished with no undue destruction and loss of life.  We urge you, therefore, to continue upon the path you have travelled so far and forge further bonds between you, enveloping your entire family of light, and indeed your planet, in your love and peaceful intent.

You do love your magic workers at this time.  We tell you that your Harry Potters, Gandalfs, and Merlins never worked such wonders as you are performing now.  During this next few weeks, the opportunity to bring unconditional love and light into your world in ever increasing abundance will exist as never before.  Do this and your reason to fear for the future will be banished into a barely remembered history.  Hold this love, peace, joy, and hope firmly in your hearts and let it overflow into every corner and crevice in, on, and around your planet.  Such magic is your greatest strength, dear ones.

Be of one mind, one heart, and one dream.  Support each other and allow no word nor image to cause you to deviate now.  The next two days offer a new opportunity to hold massive meditations and visualizations to lift the frequencies on your earth once again.  You have already begun to organize them.  We shall support your every effort.  You will also notice more and more your personal abilities to feel and use these incoming energies to good effect.  Drink them into every cell of your bodies and welcome the changes they bring to you.  You are becoming marvelous creatures.  Enjoy the new you.  From our perspective, you are quite dazzling.

Tomorrow will be another fantastic day, dear friends.  We will speak with you again at that time.

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