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Today we are happy to point out to you the build-up of the ten-ten portal energy.  Those who are sensitive will already know this.  Still, many insist that nothing is happening.  It is amazing to us that so many are still in denial when there is so much happening about them to confirm what we are telling you.  Yet we understand that, for those who are locked in old reasoning, it will continue to be so for long times to come.

For those who truly are searching for the internal evidence of internal change, a very satisfying confirmation is taking place.  Arguments may be made to change the minds of those who only see third dimensional evidence.  Nothing will unchange the hearts of those whose hearts are changing.  Once one begins to feel and use the energies we talk to you about, it is impossible to convince him or her that they don’t exist.  The powerful creative force of Mother/Father God will not be denied.  You may call it whatever you wish, but deny it you shall not.

Three more steps lie between you and the end of this year, and you are standing at the base of the first one now.  The climb that is left to you is steeper than all you have traversed to this point, and yet, for the eager, it shall be easier than ever.  You are far stronger and more determined than you were before, and more prepared.  Many are looking around and asking fellow climbers for help, and that is wonderful.  Join hands, dear friends, and arrive together.  You have not gotten this far alone in any case.

If you are one who has not been able to feel the things we speak of, the next five days are a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your heart and ours.  “But how will I know”, you say.  When love floods into your being, you will know.  You will know.  Reach out with your mind and your heart and allow yourself to accept.  Nothing more is needed.  You are not, and have never been, alone.

Many are they who read these words each few days and feel the unconditional love with which they are delivered to you.  Allow this to happen for yourself, as well.  Your personal situation may seem impossible to you at the moment, dear sister or brother, but it is not impossible at all.  Allow the love of your Creator into your heart and ask for help.  Then abide in patience and do that which seems to need doing.  (Pssst!  That does not include worrying.)  We jest, but we jest in some seriousness.

There is a partnership between yourselves and ourselves which you will need to learn to trust.  The disconnection which you have been taught is false.  We will speak to this again later.  Enough for today, dear ones.  Hold peace in  your hearts till we speak again.  Good day.

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