The Council

We understand that this day is the beginning of a new cycle in your method of counting. We wish you a cycle of great transformation and joy in your abundance. Concerning your abundance, we would wish you to consider the following:

You are abundant. There is no one incarnate upon your planet who is not living in abundance. There is no lack. You create everything you see. The obvious question, if you accept that, is what am I creating and why. Why am I creating, if I am indeed so very powerful, things which I do not prefer?

There are many possible answers to that question. But there will be no answers to it until the question is finally asked. Do you see? One cannot see how and why one is doing something as long as one believes the responsibility (response ability) lies elsewhere. Notice, please that we did NOT use or mention the word blame. And that is why it is taught so often that one needs to take complete responsibility for everything is one’s life. When that is assumed, claimed for oneself, then the power of response ability returns to where it belongs. And so we wish for you this in your new year. May you turn your wishes for the upcoming twelve months into intentions. May you feel the joy of what the fulfillment of those intentions will bring. May you maintain your focus until those visions become your reality. And finally, may you take from that the lesson of how very powerful you truly are.


May the abundance of the universe that constantly surrounds you miraculously become that which you prefer.


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