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Change is our topic for today. You are living in a time of great change. You have been hearing that for quite some time. You are living in the only moment in which change can be made. That is also something you should be familiar with. You cannot make any change in the future, nor can you make any in the past. The only moment you can change is this one, the present, and in so doing you will alter all future possibilities. You may also alter the effects of the past.


We would point out, however, that the only change which we council you on is the change that you can make within yourselves. You may have some idea of the importance of that, but we assure you that your ability to foresee the vast reach that your personal changes will have upon the future and the extent of the effect upon the entire universe is beyond your understanding. Even upon your world and within your society, there is no way for you to see the effects your smallest action will have in its ripple effect upon persons you have not and may never meet. You discuss this at times, but have you truly ‘taken it on board’, as you say?


That should be enough to motivate you in your day to day activity and thought. But consider also that there is no way for you to understand what effect the slightest improvements you may make within yourselves will have upon the future selves you are becoming. You will become someone with whom you are not in least familiar, someone beyond your experience. A slight change in attitude, in your way of perceiving, of reacting, and above all, in your beliefs about yourselves, will radically change your future. In fact, it is the only thing that can do so.


So, as we have told you recently, our recommendation to you would be that you spare no effort in finding out who the true self is that you are beneath and behind all the little beliefs you have been taught to accept about yourselves. Who are you, really? What is it within you that is real, permanent, unchanging? How will you find that? What will you do when you know?


It is not something that you need to become. It is something that you are and that you have not yet seen nor felt. That is the true quest. That is your true purpose. And that, once found, will change your world.


It is clamoring to be heard now. It is closer than ever. Listen, feel, and know.



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