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As you go through your day, are you finding that you are reacting to situations that used to ‘push your buttons’ in ways that surprise you? Have you changed so much? Are you one of those who is experiencing unexplainable things around you? Are you seeing things that you were never able to see before? Perhaps you even question whether or not you really did see them? Hearing things? Knowing things you never knew and don’t know how you know? Are you having dreams that are much clearer and more promising? Are you feeling as if something huge and important is just around the next corner?


Welcome to March of this new year. Welcome to the new you. For those of you on the top end of your planet, Spring is about to spring. For all of you, your Spring is beginning to bloom. We have told you many times that you each have remarkable gifts that you have brought with you for this new time. Many of you have wondered what we were speaking of. If, and as, you search inside for your true selves, you will now find these things. Some will not seem so very impressive to you. Let us assure you that you have exactly what is needed for where you are.


At first you may feel a bit at sea as you step into the new. This is not unusual, is it? It is the same as learning anything new. You may be impressed with what you are learning. It is only the beginning. Those who are stepping into roles as way showers have done this more times than you could count. It may be tempting to doubt your ability. Instead, we suggest you look inside and find your worth. We have discussed this many times.


You probably grew tired of hearing how you were the strongest and the best. If you had any conscious awareness of what is at stake, you would never expect that anyone less would be trusted with this assignment. Mankind is about to wake up and look around. He may rub his eyes and stumble to the shower. He may have to stretch a few times. But, oh, what a day he has ahead of him. And most of you will have a ringside seat.


Remember to see everything as a part of the wonderful changes that have been promised, no matter how they are portrayed in your media. At first, you will be told the sky is falling. When it doesn’t fall, things may become just a bit clearer to those who can understand what is happening. That would be you. Resist the urge to say “I told you so.” Just help where help is asked for. Just be peaceful. Well, joyful will be alright, too.


So try not looking out of the windshield and asking if you are there yet. Try looking out the side windows and noticing how everything is speeding past. This will be a month of activation. You have spent quite some time absorbing the energies that we have spoken of over and over again. Now you will begin seeing the results that your inner changes have made possible. And if your own personal changes do not seem so very big as yet, remember that every effect is also the cause for an infinite number of other changes. Change your impatience into expectation. It is a great deal more fun.


Blessings, dear friends. As always, feel our presence and our love.


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