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Today we would like to discuss the subject of your freedom. There is much available on this topic now and most of it is a conversation you are having among yourselves that involves political and societal issues. This is not what we wish to explore with you. The freedom we wish to talk about is of a different nature.

We have spoken with you of judgments that you have made and continue to make about yourselves. We have spoken to you of the judgments that you continue to believe that Creator has made of you and your actions, thoughts and words. We have spoken with you of the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves as well as the ones that you have accepted because you have been told you have them. There are even ones that you have inferred from your experiences. These include also things that have been brought into this life from previous lifetimes, from the lives and experiences of your lineage through your DNA, and in some cases, things that you have agreed to overcome to the benefit of mankind even though they are not your own issues at all. This seems like what could be quite mountain for you to move, doesn’t it?

Let us ask you to consider first the ways that you prolong and continue the condition, the seeming prison, in which you find yourselves. Think of the way you give away your power to change when you think or say I wish, I pray, I try, or I hope. What could you have said or thought that would assume for you the power to change. We urge you to use I can, I am, I do, and anything else that shows that you are the deciding force in your own life. And then there is the law of assumption, if we may call it that. When you live in an attitude of gratitude for the accomplishment of your change, when you think and say thank you in your every hour of every day, you will find that you move that mountain easily. At first it may budge, then it might slide, but sooner than you think possible it will just seemingly decompose, cease to exist.

All is energy, after all. And when you change the energy, you change the all. These two concepts are things that we constantly repeat. First, all is energy. Second, you create and change the all. That is what is meant by co-creation. And you will spend your eternity learning exactly what that can mean. But for now, begin to learn what it can mean on this plane. It is a gift that we dearly wish for you to begin using. It is a major aspect of the ‘image’ that you were created in.

Now, this has been a somewhat weighty discussion today, and you know that often we try to keep things a bit lighter. So we wish you an enjoyable and happy time until we speak with you again. Good day.


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