The Council

We wish to explain a bit about free will if we may. There is a view that, since your ultimate destination is decreed by Creator to be oneness, there is no free will. There is also a view that it means one can do whatever one pleases in the moment.

Both are true in that your ultimate destination is oneness with Creator and you are able to act in complete disregard for the consequences. In the first instance, you will make vast amounts of decisions between here and there. In the second, you just may find that there are indeed consequences, some good, some not so wonderful.

Also, be aware that your oneness will not entail the loss of knowing all that you have learned and experienced. What would be the point of that?

Do you see that all of the above describes differing levels of lesson learning? If one ignores one’s knowing and guidance too long, one gets to learn what you call hard lessons. And the results of the decisions one makes, or avoids making, also lead to learning. Whether one considers those lessons good or bad is purely subjective, and from the viewpoint of having lived your life, you will look back and literally say, “It’s all good.” Is it not a good thing to know that stove tops are hot?

Some say that Divine Will rules all and that means you do not truly have free will. We will explain it in this manner: when you are truly in alignment with your true divine self, your will is divine will. The apparent difference is only apparent because you consider yourself to be in separation, and this is illusion. As you are often being told, you cannot and do not exist in separation from Creator. This is also said as “God is All”, etc. And this is quite literally true. It is even good logic. God is all that is. You are made from what is. You are therefore an integral part of God.

Now, since that is undeniably true, does it not seem evident that your will is also a part of Divine Will? Do not confuse willfulness with the will we are speaking of. Common sense may not be all that common, but it remains that your inner knowing, that knowing that is guided by what is best for you and for all others, will not lead you astray.

These are things you know. Things ring true, if they ring true, because they are things that you know. And if a thing fits into that category, it will never be new. It will be universal and eternal. Occasionally, however, we may do a bit of reminding.

So freely exercise your free will. It is one of the things you are here to do. You will notice that we in council, in guidance, in service, do not ever tell you what you must do. We are in service to your lives. We advise, we chide, we prod. Sometimes we get pretty adamant. But the decisions in your lives must be your own. That is where the learning occurs. And every experience produces learning, so don’t worry so much about whether you are doing it wrong. It is understood that you do the best you know how. Your perseverance is of great wonder to us.

Many here have been there. It takes input from experience to understand what you are living. We do appreciate your circumstances. Yet we may only aid you in your chosen lessons. There will come a time when you look back and give thanks for that. And we do hear a few saying “Yeah, right!” to that. But we also know you will always keep on keeping on.

Blessings to all who read this. Our unconditional love is yours. You are exactly where you need to be. Good day.


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