Have you ever wished for, prayed for, even thought of something without it being known to Source? Of course not. What we are saying is, your first and foremost priority should be to establish your intentional and conscious connection to Creator and maintain it jealously each and every day. At first, you may begin by imagining the light, love, and energy pouring into you. But quickly you will find that you begin to feel a response that does not depend upon your imagination.

At that point there are many things you might think, imagine, pray, or intend. All of those are alright. None of them are necessary. You only need to bring into yourself, and therefore your entire field of being, more light, more love. Always more light, more love. Any doubt? More love. Uncertainty? More love. Fear? Worry? More love. Illness? More love. 

This is something we see you forgetting at times when you encounter bumps in your path. We therefore stress it as the most basic thing. Open yourselves and allow it to happen and you will always find what your heart needs. You will also notice that we include no warning of side effects or of overdose. It is even alright if you are nursing or pregnant. Well, we thought to lighten this up a bit.


From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle editions here.

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