We bring your attention once again the topics of self-worth and deservedness. There is no possibility that too much stress can be put upon, nor too much attention paid to these subjects. They indeed are things which almost all of you do not feel and cannot believe. Why is that?

It is because you have indeed judged yourselves when even your divine Creator has not, nor will He ever judge you. And you have many times asked for forgiveness for that which you have judged yourselves guilty of, yet mostly refused to accept forgiveness of yourselves, from yourselves.

You have heard it told you over and over that you are divine beings, co-creators with the All. You nod your heads sagely. Yet you cannot find the real belief of that in your hearts.

But now, dear angels on Earth, around the edges of the veil you have hidden behind all these millennia, comes a growing light. Now comes the possibility, the maybe. Skills, feelings, thoughts, and memories that have been unfamiliar to you for countless lifetimes are peeking through. You feel the urge often to turn away as you always have done. Yet more and more you find yourselves beginning to accept the possibility of the truth.


From the book The Wisdom of Michael, paperback and Kindle versions available here.

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