We wish for you now to begin giving yourselves credit where credit is due. We do not mean for you to go about “blowing your horn”, as you put it. Rather we mean for you to stand erect and realize that, in large part, the new world that is coming into being is due to your intent and perseverance, which returns us to the ongoing theme of ‘love yourselves’.

 You will find, within the near future, that you are no longer alone. You may find yourselves in new places. Certainly, you will be among those much more receptive to your understandings and those of like hearts and minds. Remember to bring to them your love and joy. It is quite possible they have felt as alone as you have.


In due time, you will begin to find the reasons for your new groups to emerge upon the societal horizon. You are the seeds of growing trees, even forests. Stand proud. Offer love. The rest will take care of itself.



From the book The Wisdom of Michael, available in paperback and Kindle versions here.

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